LR44 Battery
LR44 Battery

The LR44 battery is a 1.5 volt button cell battery mainly used in small electronics. 

About the LR44 Battery
The L stands for alkaline battery with  zinc (negative) and manganese dioxide (positive) electrodes.
The R44 stands for the round shape with dimensions of 11.6mm x 5.4mm

Common / Equivalent Names
There are several batteries that can be substituted with an LR44.  The LR44 battery can replace AG13, SG13, LR154, A76, S76, EPX76, 157, 303, 357 batteries since they all have the same size and voltage.  The only difference would be in the battery capacity and brand name.

Saving Money using Generic Batteries
To save money, buy batteries using generic brands.  Alkaline LR44 batteries have a typical capacity of 150 mAh and a brand name battery will not have any more power.  To gain a longer battery life, use a silver oxide battery such as SR44 which as a typical capacity of 200 mAh (33% more).

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